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You can climb in Syria throughout the year. The climbing areas are all located relatively “high” up in the Anti-Lebanon mountains. Due to the altitude of the climbing sites and the intensity of the sun in all seasons, the temperature differences during a day can be very significant. Temperatures range widely from very hot summer highs to snow laden winter lows.

The best time to go climbing in Syria stretches from April to June and from the end of September to November. Temperatures during those months usually range between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius. Rainfall, outside the period of December-March, is limited to short showers. Between March and November, Damascus often experiences drought conditions.

In summer it can get very hot, temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius daily average in Damascus and midday highs can reach above 40 degrees Celsius. Although it is somewhat cooler up in the climbing areas, the intense sun radiation makes it impossible to climb between 11am and 3pm. During early morning and late afternoon climbing is however very enjoyable.

In winter temperatures can go below the freezing point in the hills and if there is enough precipitation, there is a permanent snow cover in the mountains. Enjoyable climbing temperatures can only be found on clear, calm and sunny days. However, in the dry Syrian climate, such days are quite common.


SSAC Last updated: 21th of November 2006