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  GenevievePortrait Genevieve wearing her helmet with classic French chic, climbing Duschara, 6a in Monte Rosa.
  MelissaWieIDeAlpe Melissa enjoying her first lead (at least here in Syria) on Wie I de Alpe, 5b.
  JohnRelaxing John craving for a ciggy during a break a week after he gave up smoking for good.
  BenAmberAnotherGoodDay Amber and Ben preparing to tackle Another good day in Damascus, 5b.
  NilsBelaying Nils sporting some stylish fashion items, belaying in Monte Rosa.
  NickBelaying Nick stoically waiting for his buddy to move on. (Monte Rosa Eagle's Nest, 7th of March 2009).
  SamTempleReturningWave Sam on Temple of the returning wave, 5b. The route is one of the nicest lines in Monte Rosa at this difficulty level.
  MattTschueggeSiFuenfer Matt clipping on Em Tschuegge si Fuenfer, 5c
  NilsEmJueggeSiFuenfer Arabic student Nils checks out Em Juegge si fuenfer 5c. This route is the oldest route in Monte Rosa, bolted by Matthias in 2002 or so.
  JohnDKanteChralle John on D Kante chralle 6a+ seconds before he became airborne. As many routes in Syria, the route is much harder when you don't know the hidden good holds, especially the crucial one for your left you have to claw with your left hand two thirds up the route (15th of November 2008).
  KimRemi The subtle structuration of our rocks supports young ladies with delicate fingers and a fine technique. Here we see Kim leading Remi 4a ...
  FrenchKid ...and her friend top-roping Hugo 4b.
  JackMonteRosa Jack in a photogenic position on a route in Eagle's Nest.
  FrankAnotherGoodDy Frank (topping Another good day in Damascus 5b) and ...
  KarinAnotherGoodDay ... Karin came for a holiday from Switzerland to Syria. Karin found the syriaclimbing web page when looking for sports climbing opportunities. Excited she told her sister only to discover her sister was my wife's "best woman"...
  TomasoDemolitionMan Tomaso on Demolition man 5c++ ;-) ... Very beautiful route in Wadi Manchura with a bunch of delicate hand-foot moves. Unfortunately, some bloody bedouin has cut out the top belay chain. Thanks god he left the bolts hang an old sling to absail...
  HussamRemi Hussam on top of Remi 4a, Monte Rosa Kid's wall, Nov 2008.
  JohnDiretissima John leads the tough 2nd pitch of the Keck-Neidhardt Diretissima 6a+ during our first assent of this trad route. The route follows a perfectly vertical crack system through the highest point of the Hirondelles wall in Wadi Manchura. On the first pitch the rock is quite loose, hence the cam belays are not always trustworthy, on the second pitch the rock is much more solid but placements are not always easy to lay. Quite an adventure for sure...
  VanessaLaBouteille Vanessa from Switzerland enjoys La bouteille qui se vide 5b+, Kompromiss sector in Wadi Manchura. November is probably almost the best time of the year for climbing, the air is clear and fresh. In the wadi you might want to take a fleece with you though, on 2000m altitude it can quickly become a bit chilly. November 2008.
  KhaldoonParrotLady Syrian climber Khaldoon on perfect rock in Monte Rosa.
  TareksFirstGo Tarek during his first climbing attempt ever.
  MattParrotLady British arabic student Matt hugs the rock. Even low grade routes in Syria can sometimes be surprisingly hard...
  MartinEaglesNest Martin returns to the floor after a trial through the roof in Eage's Nest, Monte Rosa.
  MarkusFigValley Playful Markus loves his absails. Here in the Valley of Figs, where a 30m overhang offers a bit of a Spiderman experience.
  PeterExit Peter climbs Exit, 6a+ in Sabbourah. A stunning beauty of a climb with a formidable view over the Sabbourah/ Yafour plateau.
  CaroParrotLady Caroline leading Parot Lady, 4c. The grade does not really represent it's difficulty, because the crux requires quite concentrated footwork and a fine balance.
  Amelia_BottomUp Amelia goes for it on Bottom Up. The route is one of the most beautiful lines in Sabbourah.
  TomasoBottomUp Tomaso's personal 1st ascent of Bottom Up, 6a+. It took him as usual quite a bit of shouting, but he finally made it in style.
  JurgBlade First free ascent of The Blade , graded 6c, 28th of March 2008. The route was already mentioned in the 2006 topo guide, but I haven't been able to climb the thing. It requires quite unusual techniques.
  CarolinePuckTheGluer Caroline on Puck the Gluer 4b during one of her first climbing days. Very easy routes were rare in Syria, but over the last two years we have invested a bit of effort to open a set of lines digestable beginners.
  GerriMoeslimoerder The UN Soldiers of AUSBAT have become quite an important part of the climbing community in Syria in summer 2007. Here we see Gerri fighting on the notoriously hold-free Moeslimoerder 6b- , a route that has become a classic in Monte Rosa.
  ToniOverhangs Toni during an after-work evening session in the Overhangs of Monte Rosa.
  TomasoFootwall Tomaso on the Footwall sector of the Monte Rosa Eagle's Nest sector.
  RenePericuloso Rene, the best climber we had in years in Syria, pulls E periculoso sporgersi 7a+.
  GustavReturningWave Gustav another AUSBAT member. Despite the solid protection in all our routes, we have not managed to convince him to lead on a regular basis.
  AnninaWadiManchura My wife Annina during a weekend BBQ/climbing outing to Wadi Manchura in May 2007. Beside a glorious mountain environment, the site offers superb rocks and an almost infinite potential for further development.
  JurgTopsPericuloso7a On the 28th of April 2007, after 10 years of climbing, I finally fulfilled my climbing dream of redpointing a French 7th grade route by topping E periculoso sporgersi 7a+, in Monte Rosa, Syria. The visitor of this site might please forgive me this rather pathetic outburst of pride. But for me, it was a really big thing...

E periculoso sporgersi is a short and powerful overhang crag with long moves between good, but sharp pockets.


Markus follows up the fantastic 3rd pitch of Via Publica XXXVIII 5b+, during the first ascent on the 27th of January 2007 above the village of Souq Wadi Barada. The route represents the first real multi-pitch route with an alpine touch opened in Syria.

Juerg attempts the crux move in Arrivederci 7a+, Sabbourah


Lara on Wand 5b, Wadi Manchura
ScottDrilling ScottDrilling
Scott drilling Demolition Man 5c+, Wadi Manchura


Markus on Herbstverguegen 5b+ , Valley of Figs
SimplyTheBest SimplyTheBest
Matthias & Juerg enjoying Symply the Best 6a+, Wadi Manchura

EaglesNest EaglesNest

Climbing at Eagles's Nest Monte Rosa, beginning of December 2006



A proud Nidal after getting to the top of On The Edge 6a for the first time.

JojoLastWarning Jojo

Climbing super talent Jojo leads Last Warning 6a+ on his fourth time on any rock ever ! (8th Dec 06)



Matthias on Total Fatal 6a in the Monte Rosa North sector



Angelica on Stolen Pajero 6b+, one of the most beautiful lines in Sabbourah


Marion takes a rest on Kante Chralle 6a+


Matthias on Best in Class 6c+, on the Kain boulder block in Wadi Manchura.


Scott on the second rope length of Simply the best 6a+ in the Hierondelles sector in Wadi Manchura.


Juerg on On the Edge 6a in the Monte Rosa Central sector.

Adnan has fun climbing the beautiful pilar of On The Edge 6a, in the Monte Rosa Central sector, 8th of December, 2006.



Adnan on Uprooter 5b, Monte Rosa Central.


Marty on Em Juegge si Fuenfer, 5b one of the very first equipped routes in Syria ever.
Last updated: 8th of March 2009
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